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Infoltimento : Hair thicketis is a subject that, contrary to what you might think, affects both the man and the woman indiscriminately. The solutions and techniques, also used by the hairdresser, for hair insour are varied, hair inveteation is possible through the use of vitamin supplements and hair care products that help to make hair more thick and thick: this way the hair will no longer look thin and thin, but voluminous and flowing. Hair re-acceleration techniques are increasingly used by hairdressers, as the problem of thin hair and falling hair is becoming increasingly widespread, not only among men, but also among women; Hair reinforcing is based on several remedies, ranging from small measures that relate to diet, lifestyle and hair care, to specific products, designed by hairdressers precisely for hair inwear. Vitamins can be provided to your body, not only through proper nutrition, but also through taking vitamin supplements; some vitamin supplements are known precisely for beneficial properties that relate to hair reinstatement. The vitamins contained in these products, which can also be found by the hairdresser are generally, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D.The shampoo and conditioner are commonly used for the care of their hair, however few know that, between these products, there are some designed specifically for hair re-instilling. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, other products, found by the hairdresser, can be used for hair care, such as mousses, creams and gels, indicated, specifically, to make hair more voluminous and thicker. Choosing a good hairstyle, on the advice of the hairdresser, very often, manages to camouflage some defects, in fact, for example, can cover some areas where the hair is less thick; The hair reinforcing, therefore, it is possible, first, through the choice of an appropriate hairstyle. Very long hair, in fact, tends to become thinner, even if it is not by nature; on the contrary, the short and scaled hair is arranged on several overlapping layers, as a result the scalp acquires a greater volume and the hair appears thicker.

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19 Nov 19
Keith Harris

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Avant Garde” , made by Keith Harris, international hairstylist from UK

MUA: Rita Simone
Style & Direction: Ekaterina Belaya
Photographer: Daria Belikova
Assistant Photographer: Stanislav Kopanev
Assistant hair: Marina Vaskina
Assitant MUA: Margo Mayor
Post production: Celena


19 Nov 19
  • ANGELO SEMINARA ha concluso la sua collaborazione con DAVINES
Angelo Seminara
  • TOM CONNEL ricoprirà il nuovo ruolo di HAIR ART DIRECTOR per DAVINES
Tom Connel
18 Nov 19
Ashley Gamble

Elements, was inspired by the changing seasons and the vibrant, eclectic tones within nature. It finalised in HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards for Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year and has awarded Ashley and –Stephanie front covers and social media coverage across the globe.

Hair: Stephanie and Ashley Gamble
Ph: Richard Miles
Stylist: Ashley Gamble  


15 Nov 19

Clicca qui e Guarda lo Sfogliabile

15 Nov 19

Hairstylist: Angelo di Pasca per Saccucci's Master Class
Ph: Patrizio Gentile, Kobe Thinh Nguyen, Escalante.
Make up : Oristano Guevara, Sophia Chau Hoang


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